The Outdoor Plus 35" Black Aluminum Round Cover & Heat Reflector | OPT-RCB35

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The OPT-RCB35, a 35" Black Aluminum Round Cover & Heat Reflector by The Outdoor Plus, is a versatile and essential addition to your outdoor fire feature. This cover and heat reflector combines functionality, style, and durability to enhance the performance and aesthetics of your outdoor space. Here's an expert description highlighting the key features and benefits of the OPT-RCB35:

Dual-Purpose Design: The OPT-RCB35 excels at serving a dual role as both a cover and a heat reflector for your outdoor fire feature. It acts as a protective cover when your fire feature is not in use, safeguarding it from the elements, and functions as a heat reflector during operation, efficiently directing warmth and light into your outdoor space.

Premium Aluminum Construction: Crafted from high-quality black aluminum, this cover and heat reflector is engineered for both durability and visual appeal. Aluminum is renowned for its resistance to corrosion and heat, making it an ideal choice for outdoor use.

Stylish Contemporary Design: The black finish of the OPT-RCB35 adds a touch of sophistication to your fire feature and outdoor decor. Its sleek and contemporary design seamlessly complements a range of architectural styles, integrating effortlessly with your outdoor living space.

Effective Heat Reflection: When used as a heat reflector, the OPT-RCB35 is strategically positioned to maximize the dispersion of heat and light. It ensures that your outdoor area remains cozy and inviting, extending the usability of your outdoor space, even in cooler weather.

Protective Cover: As a cover, the OPT-RCB35 provides essential protection for your fire feature, preventing debris, leaves, and weather-related damage. This helps keep your fire feature clean and well-maintained, reducing maintenance efforts.

User-Friendly Installation: The installation of this cover and heat reflector is straightforward, allowing for easy setup and removal as needed. Whether you're preparing for a fire feature's operation or safeguarding it during adverse weather conditions, the OPT-RCB35 offers convenience and peace of mind.

Versatile Compatibility: The 35" diameter is compatible with a wide range of fire features and can be used with both round and square burner pans, making it a versatile and adaptable addition to your outdoor space.

Elevated Outdoor Experience: The OPT-RCB35 not only adds an element of practicality to your outdoor fire feature but also contributes to an enhanced outdoor experience. It extends the use of your space, providing warmth and ambiance for gatherings, relaxation, and entertainment.

The Outdoor Plus 35" Black Aluminum Round Cover & Heat Reflector (OPT-RCB35) is a valuable accessory that effortlessly combines functionality and style for your outdoor fire feature. Its dual-purpose design, durable aluminum construction, and versatile compatibility make it an excellent choice for protecting and enhancing your outdoor living space. With the OPT-RCB35, you can enjoy the warmth and charm of your fire feature year-round while ensuring it remains well-maintained and visually appealing.

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Manufacturer The Outdoor Plus
Shape Round
Material Steel
Manufacturer Part Number OPT-RCB35HRF
Made in USA Yes
Overall Width 35-Inches

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