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The Swimline SW8050 HydroTools Swimming Pool 12-Inch Aluminum Handle Leaf Skimmer is a practical and essential tool for pool maintenance, particularly for removing leaves and debris from your swimming pool. Here's a detailed description of this product:

High-Quality Construction: The leaf skimmer features a 12-inch frame with an aluminum handle. This design combines durability and lightweight construction, ensuring that the skimmer can withstand the demands of pool cleaning while remaining easy to handle.

Efficient Debris Removal: The primary purpose of this leaf skimmer is to efficiently remove leaves, twigs, insects, and other debris from the surface of your pool. Its wide, flat net design allows you to cover a larger area with each scoop, making the cleaning process faster and more effective.

Easy Attachment: The leaf skimmer typically comes with a standard connection point that easily attaches to most telescopic pool poles. This makes it compatible with a range of cleaning equipment, and you can extend the reach by attaching it to a longer pole if necessary.

Lightweight and Maneuverable: Thanks to its lightweight aluminum handle, this skimmer is easy to maneuver and control. Whether you're standing at the edge of your pool or using a longer pole for deep cleaning, you'll find it comfortable to use.

Durable Netting: The netting of the skimmer is usually made from durable materials that can withstand exposure to pool chemicals and sunlight. This ensures a long lifespan for the skimmer net.

Versatile Use: While its primary purpose is to skim the pool's surface, this tool can also be useful for removing debris from other water features, such as ponds or hot tubs.

Easy Debris Disposal: The net is designed for easy removal of debris. Simply lift it out of the water, and the debris can be easily shaken or rinsed off into a trash bag or compost pile.

8. Cost-Effective: This leaf skimmer is a cost-effective solution for keeping your pool clean. It's a basic yet essential tool for pool maintenance and can save you time and effort in keeping your pool water clear and free from floating debris.

The Swimline SW8050 HydroTools Swimming Pool 12-Inch Aluminum Handle Leaf Skimmer is a valuable tool for pool owners looking to maintain a clean and inviting swimming pool. Its lightweight design, wide net, and durable construction make it an efficient choice for removing debris from the water's surface. Whether you're a pool owner or a pool maintenance professional, this leaf skimmer is a practical and cost-effective addition to your pool cleaning equipment.



Product Depth (in.) 1 Product Height (in.) 22 in
Product Width (in.) 9.5 in


Features No Additional Features Material Plastic
Outdoor Living Product Type Pool Skimmers & Rakes Pool Cleaning Tool Type Pool Skimmers
Pool Type Above Ground, In Ground Product Weight (lb.) 6.66
Returnable 90-Day

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty 1-year Warranty

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