Skimlite SSM16 Durapro 20 x 10-Inch Frame with 16-Inch Pocket Swimming Pool Leaf Rake

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The Skimlite SSM16 Durapro Swimming Pool Leaf Rake is a robust and efficient tool designed to make the task of pool maintenance, particularly leaf and debris removal, a breeze. Manufactured by Skimlite, a reputable name in pool cleaning equipment, this leaf rake combines durability, functionality, and convenience. Here's an expert description highlighting the key features and benefits of the SSM16 Durapro Leaf Rake:

Durable Construction: The standout feature of the SSM16 Durapro is its durable construction. The frame is built to withstand the rigors of pool cleaning, and it's crafted from high-quality materials that are resistant to corrosion and damage from pool chemicals, ensuring a long service life.

Spacious 16-Inch Pocket: The 16-inch pocket of the leaf rake provides ample space for collecting leaves, debris, and other contaminants from your pool's surface. The deep pocket design ensures that you can collect more debris with fewer passes, making your pool maintenance tasks more efficient.

Generous Frame Size: The 20 x 10-inch frame size of the SSM16 Durapro Leaf Rake is ideal for reaching larger areas of your pool. It allows you to cover a substantial portion of the pool's surface with each sweep, reducing the time and effort required to keep your pool clean and inviting.

Easy Attachment: The leaf rake is designed for easy attachment to a standard pool pole, and it securely locks in place, ensuring a stable and reliable connection. This feature allows for efficient maneuvering and control during the cleaning process.

Efficient Debris Collection: The fine mesh netting of the leaf rake is designed to capture even small debris, ensuring that your pool's water surface remains clean and clear. Whether you're dealing with leaves, twigs, insects, or other contaminants, the SSM16 Durapro effectively traps them.

Versatile Pool Maintenance: This leaf rake is a versatile tool suitable for routine pool maintenance. Whether you're clearing debris after a windstorm or conducting regular cleaning, the SSM16 Durapro ensures your pool remains pristine and ready for use.

Easy to Clean: The mesh netting is easy to clean, and the leaf rake can be quickly hosed off or rinsed, ready for its next use. This convenience adds to the overall efficiency of your pool maintenance routine.

The Skimlite SSM16 Durapro 20 x 10-Inch Frame with 16-Inch Pocket Swimming Pool Leaf Rake is an essential tool for pool owners looking to keep their pool clean and inviting. Its durable construction, spacious pocket, and efficient debris collection capabilities make it a valuable addition to your pool maintenance equipment. With this leaf rake in hand, you can effortlessly and effectively keep your pool's surface clear of debris, ensuring a crystal-clear and enjoyable swimming experience.



Product Category Rakes and Skimmers
Poolweb Item # SLSS16
Cross Reference # SS16
Manufacturer Skimlite
Shipping Weight 2.0 lb

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