Skimlite SS10 10-Inch Swimming Pool Leaf Rake with 10-Inch Pocket

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The Skimlite SS10 10-Inch Swimming Pool Leaf Rake with 10-Inch Pocket is a specialized pool maintenance tool designed for the efficient removal of leaves and debris from the surface of swimming pools.

Size and Design: The SS10 leaf rake features a 10-inch-wide frame with a 10-inch deep pocket or net. This size is typically suitable for collecting leaves, twigs, and other debris from the water's surface.

Net Material: The net or pocket of the rake is often made from durable and fine mesh material that can effectively capture and hold debris without letting it escape.

Durability: The rake is typically constructed with sturdy materials to withstand exposure to water and pool chemicals. This ensures its durability and longevity.

Pool Pole Attachment: To use the leaf rake effectively, you'll need a standard pool pole (not included) to provide the necessary length and reach for collecting debris from the pool surface.

Ease of Use: The SS10 leaf rake is a user-friendly tool. Simply attach it to the pool pole and skim the surface of the pool to capture leaves and debris. The deep pocket provides ample space for collecting a significant amount of debris before needing to empty it.

Regular Maintenance: After use, you should empty the collected debris from the net and rinse it clean. Proper maintenance ensures the rake continues to work effectively.

Pool Water Quality: Regularly removing leaves and debris from the pool surface not only improves the pool's appearance but also helps maintain water quality. Decomposing organic matter can negatively impact water chemistry.

Safety: Removing leaves and debris from the pool surface is not only about aesthetics but also safety. Floating debris can make the pool slippery and potentially clog the pool's filtration system.

The Skimlite SS10 10-Inch Swimming Pool Leaf Rake with a 10-inch pocket is a valuable tool for pool maintenance, especially during the fall season when leaves tend to accumulate in the pool. It allows you to efficiently remove debris from the pool surface, helping to keep the water clear and safe for swimming. Regular use of a leaf rake is an essential part of pool maintenance and contributes to the overall cleanliness of your swimming pool.


Product Category Rakes and Skimmers
Poolweb Item # SLSS10
Cross Reference # SS10
Manufacturer Skimlite
Shipping Weight 5.0 lb

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