Skimlite R16C Stainless Steel Swimming Pool Leaf Rake Pocket Skimmer

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The Skimlite R16C Stainless Steel Swimming Pool Leaf Rake Pocket Skimmer is a high-quality and indispensable tool for pool owners and maintenance professionals. Manufactured by Skimlite, a reputable name in pool maintenance equipment, this leaf rake offers exceptional durability, performance, and efficiency in keeping your pool clean and free of debris.

Premium Stainless Steel Construction: The Skimlite R16C boasts a rugged stainless steel frame and handle, ensuring that it can withstand the harsh pool environment, including exposure to pool chemicals and UV rays. Its stainless steel construction also resists corrosion, ensuring longevity.

Wide Rake Head: The wide and generously sized rake head efficiently covers a larger area, allowing you to capture leaves, twigs, bugs, and debris more quickly. This speeds up the cleaning process, making it more time-efficient.

Deep Pocket Skimmer Design: The deep pocket skimmer design ensures that debris is held securely, preventing it from falling back into the pool. This feature minimizes the need for repeated skimming.

Durable Netting: The leaf rake is equipped with a durable and fine-mesh netting that effectively traps even small particles, leaving your pool water clean and clear.

Easy-to-Use Handle: The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip and allows for easy maneuverability, reducing hand fatigue during extended use.

Quick-Connect Attachment: The leaf rake features a quick-connect attachment that allows for easy and secure connection to standard telescopic poles or Skimlite's range of high-quality pool poles. This compatibility ensures flexibility and ease of use.

Versatile Application: The Skimlite R16C leaf rake is suitable for both residential and commercial pools. Its heavy-duty construction and efficiency make it a valuable addition to any pool maintenance toolkit.

Low Maintenance: The leaf rake is designed for minimal maintenance. The easy-to-clean netting and durable construction make it a hassle-free tool to keep in top working condition.

The Skimlite R16C Stainless Steel Swimming Pool Leaf Rake Pocket Skimmer is an excellent choice for pool owners and maintenance professionals looking to maintain a clean and debris-free pool. With its premium stainless steel construction, wide rake head, deep pocket skimmer design, and easy-to-use handle, it offers efficiency, durability, and convenience in pool maintenance. Elevate your pool cleaning experience with the Skimlite R16C and ensure that your pool water remains crystal clear and inviting.



Product Category Rakes and Skimmers
Poolweb Item # SLR16C
Cross Reference # R16C
Manufacturer Skimlite
Shipping Weight 3.0 lb

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