Prism Hardscapes Orinda 15-Inch Concrete Round Propane Tank Enclosure

Color: Coastal
Sale price$246.00


Introducing the Prism Hardscapes Orinda 15-Inch Concrete Round Propane Tank Enclosure, a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics that ensures your outdoor space remains both stylish and organized. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and using premium materials, this propane tank enclosure serves as an elegant solution to discreetly hide your propane tank while adding a touch of sophistication to your patio, deck, or backyard.

Design and Construction: The Orinda Propane Tank Enclosure features a sleek and contemporary round design, making it an ideal complement to various outdoor styles. Measuring 15 inches in diameter, this enclosure is specifically designed to house standard-sized propane tanks commonly used for outdoor fire pits and heaters.

Crafted with precision, the enclosure is made from durable concrete material. Concrete is renowned for its strength and durability, ensuring the Orinda remains a reliable and long-lasting addition to your outdoor space. The concrete surface is expertly finished, creating a smooth and visually appealing texture that enhances the overall aesthetic of the enclosure.

Functionality and Convenience: The Orinda 15-Inch Propane Tank Enclosure is not only a stylish addition to your outdoor area but also a practical solution for keeping your propane tank neatly concealed. Its design allows for easy access to the propane tank, making it hassle-free to replace or refill when needed. By keeping the tank hidden, the enclosure ensures a clutter-free and organized appearance for your outdoor space.

Versatility and Compatibility: The Prism Hardscapes Orinda Propane Tank Enclosure is designed to seamlessly integrate with various outdoor setups. It can be paired with fire pits, patio heaters, and other propane-fueled outdoor appliances. The compact size of the enclosure makes it easy to position discreetly near your fire feature or outdoor entertainment area.

Stability and Durability: Built to last, the Orinda Propane Tank Enclosure boasts exceptional stability and durability. Its sturdy construction ensures that the propane tank is securely housed and protected, even in various weather conditions. The enclosure's concrete material is resistant to wear and tear, providing reliable performance for years to come.

Easy Installation: The Prism Hardscapes Orinda Propane Tank Enclosure is designed for simple installation. With clear instructions provided, setting up the enclosure is quick and straightforward, allowing you to have a neat and organized outdoor space without unnecessary complications.

Aesthetics and Environmentally Responsible: In addition to its functionality and durability, the Orinda Propane Tank Enclosure exudes an air of sophistication and environmental consciousness. The use of concrete, a durable and sustainable material, reflects the company's commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Transform your outdoor living space into a clutter-free and stylish oasis with the Prism Hardscapes Orinda 15-Inch Concrete Round Propane Tank Enclosure. Its contemporary design, durable construction, and seamless functionality make it the perfect choice for those seeking an elegant and practical solution to conceal their propane tank. Embrace the organization and sophistication that the Orinda Propane Tank Enclosure brings to your outdoor area, ensuring a harmonious and visually appealing space for your gatherings and relaxation.


Stores LP Tank In Base Yes
Manufacturer Prism Hardscapes
Weight 80 lbs
Overall Height 21.5-Inches
Overall Diameter 20-Inches
Series Orinda
Material Concrete
Made in USA No
Manufacturer Part Number PH457-Config

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