Prism Hardscapes Ibiza 29-Inch Concrete Round Outdoor Fire Pit & Water Bowl - Match Lit

Color: Café
Gas Type: Natural Gas
Sale price$2,086.00


The Prism Hardscapes Ibiza 29-Inch Concrete Round Outdoor Fire Pit & Water Bowl (Match Lit) is an exquisite and innovative outdoor feature that seamlessly combines the captivating allure of fire with the soothing presence of water. With its unique design and superior craftsmanship, this 29-inch round fire pit and water bowl become a captivating centerpiece, creating a harmonious ambiance of elemental beauty in your outdoor space.

Elegant Design and Dual Functionality: The Ibiza fire pit & water bowl showcases an elegant and modern design, with its 29-inch round shape exuding a sense of contemporary beauty. Crafted with high-quality concrete material, it ensures exceptional durability and resilience against various weather conditions. The dual functionality of the fire pit and water bowl allows you to effortlessly switch between the two elements, transforming your outdoor setting into a captivating oasis.

Match Lit Ignition for Easy Operation: The Ibiza fire pit & water bowl features a match lit ignition system, offering simple and straightforward operation. With just a match or a lighter, you can easily ignite the flames and enjoy the mesmerizing warmth and glow of the fire. The match lit system provides easy control over the fire, allowing you to adjust the flame height and intensity to create the desired ambiance.

Fire Feature for Warmth and Ambiance: As a fire pit, the Ibiza provides warmth and a cozy ambiance, inviting friends and family to gather around and enjoy intimate conversations or delightful moments under the night sky. The dancing flames create a captivating focal point, casting a warm glow that sets the perfect tone for any social occasion.

Water Bowl for Tranquility and Serenity: As a water bowl, the Ibiza introduces tranquility and serenity, adding a calming and refreshing element to your outdoor space. The gentle flow of water creates a soothing atmosphere, providing a peaceful backdrop for relaxation and unwinding.

Efficient Heating and Adjustable Water Flow: The Ibiza fire pit & water bowl is equipped with an efficient burner system for the fire feature, ensuring a steady and warm flame experience. Additionally, the water flow in the bowl can be adjusted, allowing you to control the water's movement and create the desired level of tranquility.

User-Friendly Installation and Low Maintenance: Setting up the Ibiza fire pit & water bowl is a straightforward process, as it comes with a user-friendly installation manual and all necessary components. The concrete material is also relatively low-maintenance, making it an effortless addition to your outdoor space without requiring constant upkeep.

Sustainable Choice: Prism Hardscapes' commitment to sustainability extends to the Ibiza fire pit & water bowl. The use of concrete as the primary material offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional fire and water feature materials, making it a responsible choice for environmentally-conscious consumers.

The Prism Hardscapes Ibiza 29-Inch Concrete Round Outdoor Fire Pit & Water Bowl (Match Lit) is a captivating and versatile addition to your outdoor living space. With its dual functionality, efficient heating, and potential customization features, the Ibiza fire pit & water bowl creates a captivating and harmonious ambiance, fusing the elements of fire and water in perfect balance. Embrace the captivating fusion of fire and water with the Ibiza fire pit & water bowl, and elevate your outdoor experience to new heights of beauty and tranquility.


  • Diameter: 29"
  • Height: 14
  • Opening: 23"
  • Burner: 12" 6-spoke
  • Weight: 90 lbs.
  • Material: Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement
  • Finish: Pewter-Natural-Café-Ebony-Ultra-Coastal
  • BTU: 65,000 - 85,000
  • Fuel Type: Propane or Natural Gas
  • Propane Storage: No
  • Rock: Lava Rock Included
  • Stainless Steel Burner Insert
  • Key Valve Ignition

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