Pentair Sand Dollar SD80 26" Top Mount Sand Filter with Clamp Style 1.5" Multiport Backwash Valve | 3.5 Sq. Ft. | EC-145333

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Pentair Sand Dollar SD80 is a highly efficient and reliable sand filter system designed to deliver outstanding filtration performance for residential and small commercial swimming pools and spas. With its robust construction, user-friendly features, and large filtration area, this sand filter ensures crystal-clear water and hassle-free pool maintenance.

Filtration Capacity and Design:

The Sand Dollar SD80 features a substantial filtration area of 3.5 square feet, making it capable of effectively capturing and retaining a wide range of debris, dirt, and contaminants from the pool water. The large capacity and sturdy design allow it to handle high flow rates, ensuring efficient water circulation and thorough filtration.

Sand Media Filtration:

At the heart of the Sand Dollar SD80 is its reliable sand media filtration. The filter's spacious tank accommodates a specific amount of pool-grade sand that serves as the primary filtration medium. As the pool water flows through the sand bed, particles and impurities are trapped, leaving only clear and clean water to return to the pool. Sand media offers excellent filtration capabilities and cost-effectiveness, as it requires infrequent replacement and straightforward maintenance.

Clamp Style 1.5" Multiport Backwash Valve:

The Sand Dollar SD80 is equipped with a convenient and secure 1.5" multiport backwash valve featuring a clamp style mechanism. This multiport valve allows for easy switching between various filter functions, including backwashing, rinsing, waste, recirculation, and more. The clamp style design ensures a leak-free connection, enhancing the overall system's durability and performance.

Top Mount Configuration:

The top-mount configuration of the Sand Dollar SD80 simplifies installation and maintenance. The filter is designed to be mounted on the top of the pool system, making it easily accessible for routine maintenance tasks such as sand replacement and backwashing.

User-Friendly Operation:

The Sand Dollar SD80 is designed with user convenience in mind. Its intuitive multiport valve system and straightforward controls make it easy for pool owners and operators to operate and maintain. Additionally, the clear sight glass on the valve provides visual feedback during backwashing, allowing users to monitor the process easily.

Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly:

The Sand Dollar SD80 is engineered to promote energy efficiency and water conservation. By utilizing the natural filtration properties of sand, the system minimizes the need for excessive backwashing, optimizing water usage and reducing overall environmental impact.

Durable and Reliable Construction:

The Pentair Sand Dollar SD80 is built to last, featuring a rugged and durable construction that can withstand the demands of regular pool use and exposure to pool chemicals. The filter's long-lasting performance ensures many seasons of efficient filtration and trouble-free operation.

Pentair Sand Dollar SD80 26" Top Mount Sand Filter with Clamp Style 1.5" Multiport Backwash Valve | 3.5 Sq. Ft. | EC-145333 is a high-quality filtration system that excels in providing clear and clean pool water. Its large filtration area, sand media filtration, user-friendly features, and durable design make it an excellent choice for pool owners seeking reliable and efficient pool maintenance. With the SD80 sand filter, pool enthusiasts can enjoy a pristine and inviting swimming experience throughout the pool season.



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