Pentair Sand Dollar SD40 19" Top Mount Sand Filter with Clamp Style 1.5" Multiport Backwash Valve | 1.8 Sq. Ft. | EC-145320

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Pentair Sand Dollar SD40 19" Top Mount Sand Filter with Clamp Style 1.5" Multiport Backwash Valve (EC-145320) is a high-performance filtration system designed to provide superior water clarity and efficiency for your swimming pool. This sand filter combines rugged construction with advanced technology, ensuring exceptional durability and ease of use for pool owners seeking a reliable and low-maintenance solution.

Key Features:

High-Quality Sand Filtration:

The Sand Dollar SD40 filter utilizes natural sand as the filtering media to remove impurities and debris from your pool water effectively. The high-grade sand acts as a fine sieve, capturing particles down to 20 microns in size, leaving your pool water clean, clear, and inviting.

Durable and Sturdy Build:

Engineered with premium materials, the Sand Dollar SD40 filter is built to withstand the harsh pool environment and heavy usage. Its corrosion-resistant tank ensures longevity, making it a long-term investment in your pool's cleanliness and clarity.

Top-Mount Design:

The top-mounted configuration allows for easy access and maintenance of the filter media. Cleaning and replacing the sand is a straightforward process, ensuring hassle-free upkeep and peak performance.

Clamp Style Multiport Backwash Valve:

The 1.5" multiport backwash valve with a clamp-style design simplifies the operation of the filter, offering seamless control over various filtration functions, including backwashing, rinsing, and more. The user-friendly valve ensures smooth and efficient filtration cycles.

Optimal Filtration Area:

With a filtration area of 1.8 square feet, the Sand Dollar SD40 filter is engineered to handle moderate to large residential pools effectively. It efficiently captures and traps debris and contaminants, leaving your pool water sparkling clean and inviting.

Cost-Effective and Low Maintenance:

Unlike cartridge filters, which require frequent replacement, the sand in the Sand Dollar SD40 filter can last for several years before requiring a change. This makes it a cost-effective and low-maintenance filtration solution, saving you time and money in the long run.

Versatile Installation Options:

The Sand Dollar SD40 filter is compatible with a variety of pool systems and setups, offering flexible installation options to accommodate the needs of different pool configurations.

Pentair Sand Dollar SD40 19" Top Mount Sand Filter with Clamp Style 1.5" Multiport Backwash Valve (EC-145320) is an ideal choice for pool owners seeking top-notch filtration performance, durability, and ease of maintenance. With its efficient sand filtration system and user-friendly backwash valve, the Sand Dollar SD40 filter ensures crystal-clear water and a pristine swimming experience for you and your family. Invest in the reliability and excellence of the Pentair Sand Dollar SD40 and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with maintaining a sparkling and inviting pool throughout the seasons.


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