Pentair R201276 14-Inch Model 214 ProVac Commercial Swimming Pool Vacuum Head

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The Pentair R201276 14-Inch Model 214 ProVac Commercial Swimming Pool Vacuum Head is a professional-grade pool cleaning accessory designed for commercial pool facilities, but it's also suitable for larger residential pools. Manufactured by Pentair, a reputable name in pool equipment, this vacuum head combines efficiency, durability, and ease of use to ensure a pristine pool bottom.

Large 14-Inch Cleaning Path: The vacuum head features a generously sized 14-inch cleaning path, allowing it to cover more surface area with each pass. This reduces cleaning time and improves efficiency.

Commercial-Grade Design: Built for durability and longevity, the Model 214 ProVac is suitable for demanding commercial pool environments. Its robust construction can withstand heavy use and rigorous cleaning routines.

Versatile Compatibility: The vacuum head is compatible with a wide range of pool poles, making it adaptable for various pool depths and sizes. Its versatile design allows for flexibility in cleaning different pool types.

Exceptional Suction: The ProVac vacuum head boasts exceptional suction power, ensuring effective debris removal from the pool floor. It can handle various types of pool debris, from small particles to larger leaves and twigs.

Weighted Head: The vacuum head is equipped with ballast weights, which help it maintain contact with the pool bottom. This feature ensures thorough and consistent cleaning without floating or missing spots.

Durable Construction: The Model 214 ProVac is built to withstand the harsh pool environment, including exposure to pool chemicals and UV rays. Its construction ensures that it can endure the challenges of commercial pool cleaning.

Easy-Glide Wheels: The vacuum head is equipped with smooth-rolling wheels that provide easy navigation around the pool bottom. These wheels help prevent scuffing or damage to the pool's surface.

User-Friendly: The vacuum head is designed for easy operation and maintenance. It can be quickly attached to a standard pool pole, allowing for straightforward setup and efficient cleaning.

The Pentair R201276 14-Inch Model 214 ProVac Commercial Swimming Pool Vacuum Head is an exceptional tool for maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of commercial and large residential pools. With its large cleaning path, commercial-grade design, compatibility with various pool poles, exceptional suction power, weighted head, and durable construction, it ensures that your pool remains spotless and inviting. Invest in the ProVac vacuum head and experience the benefits of efficient and reliable pool cleaning for your commercial pool facility or spacious residential pool.


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