Pentair R141076 Model 130 Chrome Brass Tube Thermometer with Blown Glass Tube Secured in Brass Tubing, 3-Feet Cord

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The Pentair R141076 Model 130 Chrome Brass Tube Thermometer is a pool or spa thermometer designed to measure the water temperature in swimming pools, hot tubs, or other aquatic environments.

Construction: The thermometer features a durable construction with a chrome brass tube. This material is resistant to corrosion and can withstand the conditions of pool and spa water.

Blown Glass Tube: The temperature gauge typically incorporates a blown glass tube. This glass tube contains a liquid, often mercury or alcohol, that expands or contracts with changes in temperature. The resulting expansion or contraction of the liquid indicates the water temperature on a scale.

Brass Tubing: The blown glass tube is securely encased in a brass tubing, ensuring the thermometer's structural integrity and protecting the fragile glass element from damage.

Temperature Range: The thermometer usually has a temperature range suitable for measuring pool and spa water temperatures accurately.

Cord Length: The 3-foot cord provides a convenient way to secure the thermometer in your pool or spa. You can anchor it in place or hang it on the pool ladder or side to monitor the water temperature.

Easy-to-Read Scale: The temperature is typically displayed on an easy-to-read scale on the blown glass tube. This allows you to quickly and accurately determine the water temperature.

Maintenance: While the thermometer is relatively low-maintenance, you should periodically check its accuracy and clean the glass tube if necessary. Be careful when handling the glass to avoid breakage.

Pool and Spa Comfort: Monitoring the water temperature is important for pool and spa comfort. It helps you adjust the temperature to your preferred level and ensures the water is within a comfortable range for swimming or relaxation.

The Pentair R141076 Model 130 Chrome Brass Tube Thermometer is a practical tool for pool and spa owners to maintain optimal water temperature. Accurate temperature readings can enhance your pool or spa experience and ensure that the water is at a comfortable level for your needs. Regularly checking the water temperature can help you make necessary adjustments to your pool or spa heating system.


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