Pentair R111366 18-Inch 912 Molded Back Curved Swimming Pool Brush with White Polypropylene Bristle

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The Pentair R111366 18-Inch 912 Molded Back Curved Swimming Pool Brush with White Polypropylene Bristle is a high-quality and essential tool for pool maintenance, designed to keep your swimming pool in pristine condition. This expertly crafted pool brush stands out as a dependable choice due to its combination of durable construction, ergonomic design, and effective cleaning performance.

Molded Back Design: This pool brush features a durable molded back, ensuring its longevity and resistance to wear and tear. The rigid construction provides stability and strength, allowing for efficient cleaning while maintaining its shape over time.

Curved Shape: The brush head is designed with a gentle curve, which is ideal for hugging the contours of your pool's walls and steps. This curvature enhances its ability to access hard-to-reach areas and ensures thorough cleaning with minimal effort.

Polypropylene Bristles: Equipped with white polypropylene bristles, the Pentair R111366 is effective at scrubbing away dirt, debris, and algae without causing any damage to your pool's surfaces. These bristles are durable and resistant to pool chemicals, making them suitable for regular pool maintenance.

Generous Width: With an 18-inch width, this brush allows for a wider cleaning path, reducing the time and effort required to clean your pool. Its broad coverage ensures efficient cleaning, so you can maintain your pool with ease.

Universal Compatibility: The brush is designed to be compatible with most standard pool poles, making it easy to attach and detach as needed. This means you won't need to invest in additional equipment to use this brush effectively.

Versatile Cleaning: Whether you have a concrete, plaster, vinyl, or fiberglass pool, the Pentair R111366 brush is versatile enough to tackle cleaning tasks on a variety of pool surfaces. It is equally suitable for use in both inground and aboveground pools.

Ergonomic Handling: The brush's design ensures a comfortable grip, reducing strain on your hands and wrists during extended cleaning sessions. This ergonomic feature is especially valuable for those who take pride in maintaining a spotless pool.

The Pentair R111366 18-Inch 912 Molded Back Curved Swimming Pool Brush with White Polypropylene Bristle is a reliable choice for pool owners who demand a sturdy, effective, and user-friendly tool for pool maintenance. With its molded back, curved shape, and polypropylene bristles, it is well-equipped to clean all areas of your pool efficiently while providing durability and comfort during use. Keep your pool water clear and inviting with this dependable pool brush.


  • Rainbow brush model #912
  • 18 inch curved ABS frame
  • 5 rows of UV stabilized poly bristles
  • Includes snap-adapt handle that fits most poles
  • Heavy-duty one-piece ABS molded construction

Technical Specifications

Product Category Pool Brushes
Poolweb Item # R111366
Cross Reference # Rainbow #912
Manufacturer Pentair
Shipping Weight 2.89 lb

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