Pentair MicroBrite Color Pool and Spa LED Light | 12V 100 ft Cord | EC-620425

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Key Features:

Advanced Color LED Lighting:

The Pentair MicroBrite Color Pool and Spa LED Light utilize advanced LED technology to produce a stunning array of colors. With an impressive selection of vibrant hues, you can effortlessly transform your pool or spa into a captivating light show, enhancing the visual appeal and atmosphere of your water feature.

Versatile for Pools and Spas:

This LED light is designed for both pools and spas, offering versatility and adaptability for different aquatic settings. Whether you have a pool that needs an enchanting light display or a spa that requires an inviting glow, the MicroBrite LED Light has got you covered.

12V Low-Voltage Operation:

Operating at 12 volts, the MicroBrite LED Light is energy-efficient, consuming lower power while delivering impressive lighting effects. This low-voltage operation ensures safety and makes it suitable for use in pool and spa environments.

Long 100 ft Cord Length:

The light comes with a generous 100-foot cord, providing ample reach to connect to your pool or spa's electrical supply. The extended cord length offers flexibility in positioning the light, simplifying the installation process.

Compact and Discreet Design:

The MicroBrite LED Light features a compact and discreet design that seamlessly blends into the pool or spa environment. Its unobtrusive appearance allows it to be easily integrated without disrupting the overall aesthetics of your water feature.

Durable and Weather-Resistant:

Pentair ensures that the MicroBrite LED Light is constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and weather-resistance. Its robust build allows the light to withstand the elements and harsh outdoor conditions, ensuring reliable performance over time.

Pentair MicroBrite Color Pool and Spa LED Light | 12V 100 ft Cord | EC-620425 offer a delightful and enchanting lighting solution for both pools and spas. With its advanced color LED technology, versatility, energy efficiency, long cord length, compact design, and durable construction, this LED light enhances the beauty and allure of your aquatic feature. Create a captivating light display for your pool parties, enjoy relaxing spa evenings with soothing colors, and elevate your overall pool and spa experience with the MicroBrite LED Light. Embrace the brilliance and versatility of Pentair's MicroBrite Color Pool and Spa LED Light and transform your water feature into a radiant and inviting retreat for you, your family, and guests to enjoy.



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