Panama Jack Austin Collection Stackable Chaise Lounge Chair | PJO-3801-NAT-CL

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The Panama Jack Austin Collection Stackable Chaise Lounge with the product code PJO-3801-NAT-CL is a specific type of outdoor furniture offered by Panama Jack, a company known for its outdoor and patio furniture collections. here is some general information about the collection and the chaise lounge:

The Austin Collection: The Austin Collection by Panama Jack is designed for outdoor relaxation and comfort. It typically features durable materials suitable for outdoor use, such as aluminum frames and synthetic wicker or rattan. The collection often includes a variety of outdoor furniture pieces, such as chaise lounges, dining sets, sofas, chairs, and more.

Stackable Chaise Lounge (PJO-3801-NAT-CL): The Panama Jack Austin Stackable Chaise Lounge is a type of lounge chair designed for outdoor use. "Stackable" means that you can easily stack multiple chairs on top of each other, making storage more convenient, especially when you have limited space. The "PJO-3801-NAT-CL" is likely a specific model or item number used by Panama Jack to identify this particular chaise lounge within the Austin Collection.

Features and Materials: The specific features and materials of the Panama Jack Austin Collection Stackable Chaise Lounge can vary. However, you can expect a sturdy and weather-resistant construction, typically with an aluminum frame to prevent rust and synthetic wicker or rattan for a stylish and durable design. The chaise lounge may come with cushions for added comfort, and the color options could include natural shades that blend well with outdoor environments.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information about this product, I recommend checking Panama Jack's official website or contacting their customer support directly.


TYPE Outdoor Chaises
MATERIAL Aluminum frame with HDPE wicker
FINISH Natural


  • OVERALL DIMENSIONS 82 x 33 x 22


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