Hayward The PoolCleaner™ , Limited Edtion, 2 Wheel, Black Automatic Pool Cleaner | W3PVS20GST

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The Hayward The PoolCleaner™, Limited Edition, 2 Wheel, Black Automatic Pool Cleaner (W3PVS20GST) is a highly effective and stylish pool cleaning solution that simplifies the process of maintaining a clean and debris-free swimming pool. Here's a detailed description of this limited edition pool cleaner:

Automatic Pool Cleaning: The PoolCleaner™ is designed to provide fully automated pool cleaning. Once installed, it navigates your pool, removing dirt, leaves, debris, and contaminants from the pool's surfaces, including the floor and walls.

Limited Edition Black Design: This particular version of The PoolCleaner™ boasts a sleek and stylish limited edition black finish. The elegant design not only adds an element of sophistication to your pool but also enhances visibility when the cleaner is in operation.

Two-Wheel Drive: The PoolCleaner™ features a two-wheel drive system that allows it to efficiently maneuver and cover a wide range of pool sizes and shapes. It's suitable for both in-ground and above-ground pools.

Efficient Cleaning: Equipped with intelligent internal mechanics and cutting-edge technology, this pool cleaner efficiently tackles the task of removing various debris types, from large leaves to smaller particles. It can handle everything from fine silt to larger debris, ensuring your pool remains crystal clear.

Enhanced Mobility: The pool cleaner is designed with enhanced mobility, enabling it to navigate tight corners and difficult-to-reach areas, including pool steps and walls.

Low Maintenance: Maintaining The PoolCleaner™ is hassle-free. The unit typically includes a self-adjusting turbine vanes to maximize its power and easy-to-clean components, making maintenance a breeze.

Silent Operation: The pool cleaner operates quietly, ensuring minimal disruption and noise around the pool area while it cleans.

User-Friendly Installation: Setting up The PoolCleaner™ is straightforward. It typically comes with a user-friendly installation guide and a quick-connect hose that easily connects to your pool's skimmer or designated suction port.

Time-Tested Reliability: Hayward is renowned for its high-quality pool equipment, and The PoolCleaner™ is no exception. It's built to be robust and reliable, ensuring long-term service and durability.

The Hayward The PoolCleaner™, Limited Edition, 2 Wheel, Black Automatic Pool Cleaner (W3PVS20GST) combines efficient and automated cleaning with a stylish limited edition design. It ensures your pool remains consistently clean and inviting without the need for manual effort. The limited edition black finish adds a touch of luxury to your pool, making it a practical and visually appealing choice for pool owners seeking an effective and stylish pool cleaner.


Brand Hayward
Channel Open Line
Color White
GTIN 610377390309
Labor Warranty None
Master Carton Qty 1
Parts Warranty 3-year
Pool Type In Ground

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