Hayward StarClear™ Plus 120 Sq Ft Pool Filter | W3C12002

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The Hayward StarClear™ Plus 120 Sq Ft Pool Filter, designated as W3C12002, is a top-tier and high-performance pool filtration system designed to provide crystal-clear water quality for swimming pools. Hayward is a trusted name in the pool equipment industry, and the StarClear™ Plus 120 Sq Ft Filter lives up to their reputation for quality and innovation.

Exceptional Filtration: The W3C12002 filter boasts a generous 120 square feet of surface area for filtration, making it highly efficient at trapping and removing even the smallest particles from your pool water. This ensures that your pool remains sparkling and inviting.

Durable Construction: Constructed with high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials, this filter is built to last. Its sturdy, injection-molded, and reinforced polypropylene tank can withstand the harsh chemicals and environmental factors associated with pool maintenance.

Ease of Use: The Hayward StarClear™ Plus 120 Sq Ft Filter is designed for user convenience. It features a convenient and easily accessible top-mounted pressure gauge that allows you to monitor the filter's performance without any hassle. The filter also includes a handy air relief valve, which ensures optimal water flow and minimizes pressure buildup.

Energy Efficiency: This filter has been engineered with energy efficiency in mind. Its innovative design promotes even water distribution and reduces the need for backwashing, ultimately conserving water and reducing energy consumption.

Versatility: The W3C12002 filter is compatible with a wide range of pumps and can be seamlessly integrated into your existing pool system. Whether you have an in-ground or above-ground pool, this filter is versatile enough to meet your specific needs.

Easy Maintenance: Regular maintenance is simplified thanks to the filter's easy-to-clean cartridge element. With just a quick rinse, you can prolong the life of your filter and maintain its efficiency.

Safety Assurance: Hayward products are known for their safety features, and this filter is no exception. Its locking knob ensures the filter's secure closure, preventing any accidental tampering or water leakage.

Flow Efficiency: The large filtration area, combined with a design that optimizes water flow, ensures that your pool water is filtered efficiently, promoting a healthier swimming environment.

In summary, the Hayward StarClear™ Plus 120 Sq Ft Pool Filter, W3C12002, is a reliable, durable, and high-performance filtration system designed to deliver pristine water quality for your pool. Its user-friendly features and energy-efficient design make it an excellent choice for pool owners seeking to maintain a clean and inviting swimming environment. Whether you have a residential or commercial pool, this filter is an investment in long-term pool enjoyment and water quality.


Brand :               Hayward
Weight:              29 Lbs
Height:               36"
Width:                13 3⁄8"
Filtration Area:   120 Sq Ft.

Pipe Size:            2" FIP

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