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The Hayward Salt & Swim® 3C Automation System, featuring the 30,000-gallon cell model represented by W3SAS-CELL, is a cutting-edge solution for pool owners seeking hassle-free and efficient pool water maintenance. This innovative system provides automation, chlorination, and water quality control, delivering crystal clear and perfectly balanced pool water with minimal effort.

Chlorination Automation: The Salt & Swim® 3C system takes pool water chlorination to a new level. It automatically generates and dispenses the precise amount of chlorine needed to maintain ideal water quality. This eliminates the need for manual chlorine dosing and testing, making pool maintenance remarkably easy.

Salt Chlorination: The system utilizes a salt chlorination process, converting salt into chlorine through a chlorine generator cell. This not only provides a consistent and efficient source of chlorine but also results in water that feels softer and more comfortable on the skin.

Suitable for 30,000-Gallon Pools: The W3SAS-CELL model is designed for pools with a capacity of up to 30,000 gallons, ensuring it's compatible with a wide range of residential pools.

Self-Monitoring Technology: The system continuously monitors the pool's water quality and adjusts the chlorine production as needed. This intelligent self-monitoring ensures that your pool water remains consistently balanced and sanitary.

Digital Control Panel: The easy-to-use digital control panel allows you to set your desired chlorine levels and customize the system's operation according to your pool's specific needs.

LED Indicator Lights: The system features LED indicator lights that provide at-a-glance information on its status and operation. This makes it easy to identify if any maintenance or adjustments are required.

Salt Cell Life Indicator: The system includes a salt cell life indicator, which notifies you when it's time to replace the salt cell. This ensures the system remains in optimal working condition.

Energy Efficient: Hayward's Salt & Swim® 3C system is energy-efficient, reducing the environmental impact and operating costs associated with traditional pool chlorination methods.

Trusted Hayward Brand: Hayward is a well-known and respected name in the pool industry, celebrated for its commitment to quality and innovation. The Salt & Swim® 3C system continues this legacy by providing an efficient and reliable solution for pool water management.

The Hayward Salt & Swim® 3C Automation System, with the 30,000-gallon cell model W3SAS-CELL, is a game-changer for pool owners. It automates and simplifies pool water maintenance, providing consistent chlorination and water quality control for a clean and inviting swimming pool. With its self-monitoring technology and user-friendly control panel, it ensures your pool water is always perfectly balanced. Elevate your pool water management with the Hayward Salt & Swim® 3C system, a top-tier automation solution from a trusted industry leader.


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