GLI 28-Foot Round Mesh Winter Above Ground Swimming Pool Cover | 45-0028RD-ESM-3-BX

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Introducing the GLI 28-Foot Round Mesh Winter Above Ground Swimming Pool Cover (Model: 45-0028RD-ESM-3-BX) – the ultimate solution for maintaining the integrity of your above-ground pool throughout the winter season. Engineered with meticulous attention to detail, this pool cover combines durability, drainage efficiency, and debris prevention to provide exceptional protection for your investment.

Unparalleled Mesh Design: Designed to combat the challenges of winter weather, the GLI Mesh Pool Cover features an advanced mesh design. This innovative approach allows rain and snowmelt to pass through the cover while capturing debris, leaves, and other unwanted materials on its surface. This dual-action mechanism maintains a clean and clear pool water surface, eliminating the need for arduous spring cleaning.

Robust Construction for Longevity: Crafted from premium materials, the GLI 28-Foot Round Mesh Pool Cover is built to withstand the rigors of winter. The mesh fabric is engineered for exceptional strength, preventing tears and wear over time. Reinforced stitching along the perimeter and strategically placed straps ensure a secure fit, effectively guarding against wind lift and maintaining the cover's position even in the face of strong winds.

Efficient Installation and Removal: Simplify your winter pool care routine with the user-friendly features of the GLI Mesh Pool Cover. The included heavy-duty cable and winch system enables effortless installation, allowing you to secure the cover tightly to your pool. When winter gives way to spring, the cover's lightweight design makes removal straightforward, freeing you from the hassle of labor-intensive cover removal.

Preserve Your Pool's Aesthetics: The GLI Mesh Winter Pool Cover is designed not only to protect but also to preserve your pool's aesthetics. The cover's mesh structure prevents the accumulation of stagnant water on its surface, effectively reducing the risk of unsightly water puddles and ice pockets. This feature ensures that your pool area remains visually appealing and free from potential hazards.

Invest in Peace of Mind: By choosing the GLI 28-Foot Round Mesh Winter Above Ground Swimming Pool Cover, you're making a sound investment in the longevity of your pool. Shielding your pool against the harsh winter elements prevents damage to the structure, liner, and water quality, ultimately saving you time and money on repairs and maintenance.

The GLI 28-Foot Round Mesh Winter Above Ground Swimming Pool Cover (Model: 45-0028RD-ESM-3-BX) is a testament to superior design and functionality. With its innovative mesh construction, robust durability, and hassle-free features, this cover offers unbeatable protection while maintaining the aesthetics of your pool area. Elevate your winter pool care strategy and ensure a worry-free off-season with GLI's advanced mesh pool cover technology.


  • Size: 28 ft
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Material: Polyethylene (PE)
  • Brand: In The Swim
  • Product Dimensions: 336"L x 336"W

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