GLI 28-Foot Round Estate Solid Winter Above Ground Swimming Pool Cover | 45-0028RD-ESP-3-BX

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The GLI 28-Foot Round Estate Solid Winter Above Ground Swimming Pool Cover, a testament to durability, protection, and functional design for your above-ground pool. Meticulously engineered, this cover seamlessly integrates advanced features, robust construction, and thoughtful design to provide comprehensive safeguarding during the off-season, ensuring your pool remains in impeccable condition for the next swim season.

Tailored Precision: Specifically designed for 28-foot round above-ground pools, this cover offers a precision fit that leaves no room for gaps or vulnerabilities. Its tailored dimensions effectively prevent leaves, debris, and contaminants from entering your pool.

Winter-Ready Resilience: Engineered to endure even the harshest winter conditions, the GLI Round Estate Solid Winter Pool Cover acts as a robust barrier against snow, ice, and debris accumulation. Its solid construction guarantees pool protection and significantly reduces the post-winter cleanup workload.

Premium Craftsmanship: Constructed from high-quality materials, this pool cover is built to withstand prolonged exposure to the elements. The heavy-duty fabric is engineered to resist tears, fraying, and wear, ensuring the cover remains reliable and intact over multiple seasons.

Efficient Water Management: The cover's impermeable design not only prevents debris from entering the pool but also minimizes water evaporation. This water-conserving feature contributes to reduced water consumption and helps maintain your pool's chemical balance.

User-Friendly Installation: The cover's installation process is designed with user convenience in mind. The included fastening hardware and comprehensive instructions streamline setup, allowing you to secure your pool efficiently.

Algae Inhibition: By effectively blocking sunlight, the cover inhibits algae growth within the pool. This proactive measure ensures water clarity and reduces the need for extensive chemical treatments to control algae.

Aesthetic Integration: With its understated design and timeless color, the cover seamlessly integrates with your outdoor environment. It enhances the visual harmony of your space while providing essential pool protection.

The GLI 28-Foot Round Estate Solid Winter Above Ground Swimming Pool Cover | 45-1530OV-ESM-3-BX stands as a testament to superior quality, functionality, and visual elegance. Crafted to surpass the highest standards, this cover ensures thorough preservation of your round above-ground pool during the winter months. By combining durability, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal, the GLI Round Estate Solid Winter Pool Cover offers a superior solution for discerning pool owners, ensuring your pool remains clean, secure, and ready for enjoyment when the swimming season arrives anew.


  • Pool Size: 28 Feet.
  • Cover Size: 31 Feet.
  • Estate Cover - Green With 12 Year Limited Warranty, 2 Years Full.
  • Hold-Tite reinforced seams last longer! Won't rip, fray or come apart.
  • Double-folded self edge and double-stitched with water, chemical and sun resistant thread.
  • Aboveground pool covers include winch and cable.

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