GLI 18-Foot Round Mesh with 4-Foot Overlap Winter Above Ground Swimming Pool Cover | 45-0018RD-ESM-3-BX

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The GLI 18-Foot Round Mesh with 4-Foot Overlap Winter Above Ground Swimming Pool Cover is a high-quality and durable solution designed to protect your above-ground swimming pool during the harsh winter months. Crafted with precision and engineered to deliver exceptional performance, this pool cover combines practicality with robust construction to ensure the longevity of your pool investment.

Measuring 18 feet in diameter, this round pool cover is specifically tailored to fit above-ground pools of similar dimensions. The 4-foot overlap design provides a secure fit, effectively preventing the intrusion of debris, leaves, and other contaminants into your pool water. This feature not only simplifies maintenance but also maintains the water's cleanliness and clarity, minimizing the effort required to prepare your pool for the upcoming swimming season.

Constructed from high-quality mesh material, this winter cover strikes a perfect balance between durability and functionality. The tightly woven mesh allows rainwater and melting snow to seep through, preventing the accumulation of excess weight on the cover's surface. This thoughtful design prevents damage to both the cover and your pool while ensuring proper drainage and reducing the risk of sagging.

Installing the GLI 18-Foot Round Mesh Winter Pool Cover is a straightforward process thanks to its user-friendly design and included installation hardware. The cover's edges are reinforced with heavy-duty binding, enhancing its resistance to wear and tear over time. The included cable and winch system offer a secure and adjustable method of fastening the cover to your pool, ensuring a snug fit that can withstand winter winds and storms.

Beyond its functional benefits, this winter cover also boasts a sleek and unobtrusive appearance. The neutral color scheme seamlessly blends with various outdoor settings, maintaining an unobtrusive profile while providing reliable protection.

In summary, the GLI 18-Foot Round Mesh with 4-Foot Overlap Winter Above Ground Swimming Pool Cover stands as a reliable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing solution for safeguarding your above-ground pool during the winter season. Its thoughtful design, durable construction, and ease of installation make it an essential accessory for any pool owner looking to preserve the integrity of their pool investment and simplify post-winter pool .


Size 18-FEET
Color Black
Material Polyethylene (PE)
Brand Blue Wave
Product Dimensions 21"L x 5"W

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