GLI 16 x 36-Feet Rectangle Winter In Ground Swimming Pool Cover | 45-1636RE-EST-5-BX

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The GLI 16 x 36-Feet Rectangle Winter In Ground Swimming Pool Cover is a robust and reliable solution designed to safeguard your in-ground swimming pool during the winter season. With its meticulous design, sturdy construction, and practical features, this cover offers comprehensive protection to maintain the longevity of your pool and simplify maintenance.

Precisely crafted to fit rectangular in-ground pools with dimensions of 16 x 36 feet, this winter cover boasts a solid construction that effectively shields the pool's surface from external elements. By preventing debris, leaves, and other contaminants from entering the pool, the cover maintains the pool's cleanliness, reducing the need for frequent cleaning during the winter months. Furthermore, the solid material of the cover acts as a barrier against sunlight, curbing the growth of algae and preserving water quality.

Installation of the GLI 16 x 36-Feet Rectangle Winter In Ground Pool Cover is straightforward due to its user-friendly design and included accessories. Often equipped with a reliable cable and winch system, the cover can be securely and tightly fastened to your pool. This system ensures that the cover remains in place, protecting against potential damage caused by winter winds and harsh weather conditions.

Durability is a defining feature of this cover, evident in its robust craftsmanship and reinforced edges. Designed to withstand winter's rigors, including heavy snow accumulation and adverse weather conditions, the cover is built to provide reliable protection over multiple winter seasons.

The GLI 16 x 36-Feet Rectangle Winter In Ground Swimming Pool Cover embodies functionality and durability. Its solid build, custom dimensions, and capacity to shield against debris and sunlight make it an essential asset for pool owners seeking a dependable solution to protect their in-ground pool during the winter months. By utilizing this cover, you can confidently face winter's challenges, knowing that your pool will emerge undamaged and ready for enjoyment once the cold season subsides.


Color Green
Material Steel,Brass
Brand GLI Pool Products
Product Dimensions 432"L x 192"W
Style Resistance

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