GLI 12 x 24-Feet Oval Above Ground Winter Swimming Pool Cover | 45-1224OV-CLA-4-BX

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Introducing a comprehensive solution for winter pool care, the GLI 12 x 24-Feet Oval Above Ground Winter Swimming Pool Cover is designed to protect your pool from the harsh elements of winter. Tailored for oval above-ground pools, this cover combines practicality with durability to offer effective defense against debris and adverse weather conditions. By preserving your pool's condition and water quality, this cover ensures an effortless transition to pool enjoyment when spring arrives. Discover the key features that make this cover an optimal choice for winterizing your oval pool.

Complete Winter Shield: Engineered to withstand winter's rigors, the GLI Oval Above Ground Winter Pool Cover serves as a steadfast barrier against snow, ice, and debris. Its durable construction safeguards your pool's structure and water quality, minimizing potential damage.
Oval Pool Compatibility: Tailored exclusively for oval above-ground pools, this cover effortlessly spans the pool's dimensions. The user-friendly design simplifies installation, ensuring a secure fit that endures winter winds and snow.
Sturdy Craftsmanship: Crafted from high-quality materials, this cover is built to endure prolonged exposure to winter elements. Its robust fabric resists UV radiation, pool chemicals, and potential wear, guaranteeing its longevity over multiple winter seasons.
Preservation of Water Quality: Operating as a dependable barrier, the cover prevents leaves, debris, and contaminants from infiltrating the pool. This preserves water quality and reduces the need for extensive cleaning and chemical adjustments come spring.
Streamlined Winter Maintenance: Entrust your pool's protection to the GLI Oval Winter Pool Cover to simplify your winter pool maintenance. This ensures a quicker return to a clear pool environment as the temperatures rise.
Secure Attachment and Longevity: Equipped with reliable fastening hardware, the cover ensures a secure connection. Reinforced edges and corners bolster its durability, maintaining its protective integrity through multiple winter seasons.

The GLI 12 x 24-Feet Oval Above Ground Winter Swimming Pool Cover stands as a complete solution for winter pool preservation. With its robust construction, secure fit, and adept defense against debris and weather, this cover proves essential for oval above-ground pool owners. Offering straightforward installation and enduring performance, it provides peace of mind throughout the winter months, safeguarding your pool investment and simplifying the transition back to pool enjoyment when spring arrives.


Size 12 x 24
Color Multicolor
Material Polyethylene (PE)
Brand In The Swim
Product Dimensions 288"L x 144"W

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