GLI 12 x 18-Feet Oval Estate Solid Winter Above Ground Swimming Pool Cover | 45-1218OV-EST-3-BX

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Introducing the ultimate solution for winter pool protection – the GLI 12 x 18-Feet Oval Estate Solid Winter Above Ground Swimming Pool Cover (Model: 45-1218OV-EST-3-BX). Engineered to deliver unmatched durability and safeguard your above-ground pool during the colder months, this cover seamlessly combines meticulous craftsmanship with advanced features for unbeatable performance.

Unyielding Estate Solid Construction: Crafted with precision, the GLI Estate Solid Pool Cover features a robust solid design that acts as an impenetrable shield against winter's harshest elements. Constructed from premium materials, the cover's solid surface effectively blocks sunlight, curbing algae growth and preserving water clarity. Its durable fabric resists tears, punctures, and extreme weather conditions, ensuring unwavering protection year after year.

Effortless Installation and Security: Experience seamless installation and profound peace of mind with the GLI Estate Solid Winter Pool Cover. Outfitted with heavy-duty straps and clips, securing the cover to your above-ground pool is swift and secure. The included winch and cable system streamline the installation process, allowing you to achieve a secure fit effortlessly. With this cover in place, rest assured that your pool investment is fortified against winter's challenges.

Unrivaled Winter Barrier: Bid farewell to the laborious chore of clearing debris and leaves from your pool water as winter transitions to spring. The GLI Estate Solid Winter Pool Cover functions as a formidable barrier, effectively blocking debris from infiltrating your pool during the off-season. Beyond saving you time and effort, this feature maintains a cleaner pool environment, ensuring your pool is ready for enjoyment as soon as the warmer months arrive.

Preserve Your Investment: Choosing the GLI 12 x 18-Feet Oval Estate Solid Winter Above Ground Swimming Pool Cover (Model: 45-1218OV-EST-3-BX) showcases your commitment to safeguarding your pool's longevity. By shielding your pool from winter's harsh impacts, you prevent potential structural damage, liner deterioration, and water contamination, ultimately extending your pool's lifespan and minimizing maintenance expenses.

The GLI 12 x 18-Feet Oval Estate Solid Winter Above Ground Swimming Pool Cover stands as a symbol of superior winter pool protection. With its solid build, streamlined installation, and advanced security features, this cover redefines the standards of winter pool care. Elevate your pool maintenance strategy and embrace the peace of mind that accompanies cutting-edge pool cover technology, ensuring your pool remains impeccably maintained year after year.


  • Size: 12 by 18-Feet
  • Brand: GLI Pool Products
  • Item Weight: 6 Pounds
  • Shape: Oval

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