Elite Screens Yard Master Electric Tension Series 120" Electric Motorized Outdoor Front/Rear Projection Screen, 16:9 | OMS120HT-ELECTRODUAL

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The Yard Master Electric Tension Series is an outstanding electric screen designed specifically for outdoor applications. It offers a range of features to enhance the outdoor viewing experience, making it ideal for both home and commercial video setups.

IP33 Rating for Wind/Rain Penetration: The screen is IP33 rated, ensuring it is resistant to wind and rain penetration. This makes it suitable for outdoor use, providing added durability and reliability in various weather conditions.

Tab-Tension Design: The screen incorporates a tab-tension design, which supports a front or rear projection surface with perfect uniform flatness. This ensures a smooth and wrinkle-free display, allowing for superior image quality from any viewing angle.

Compatibility with Standard, Short Throw, and UST Projectors: The tab-tension design of the screen makes it compatible with standard, short-throw, and ultra-short-throw (UST) projectors, providing flexibility in projector selection to suit your specific needs.

WraithVeil Dual Material: The screen uses WraithVeil Dual material, which delivers superb image clarity whether projected from the front or behind the screen. This material ensures excellent visibility for both daytime and nighttime outdoor movie presentations.

Diverse Projector Compatibility: The screen's versatile projector compatibility makes it a must-have for various outdoor home or commercial video applications, providing users with the freedom to choose the projector that best suits their setup.

Ideal for Nighttime Movie Presentations: With its superb image clarity and durable design, the screen is particularly well-suited for nighttime movie presentations, creating a captivating outdoor cinema experience.

Radio Frequency Remote Control: The screen comes with a Radio Frequency (RF) remote control that offers convenient and wireless control of the screen's drop and rise functions.

Wireless 12-Volt Projector Trigger: The remote control doubles as a wireless 12-volt projector trigger, enabling seamless coordination between the screen's operation and the projector's power cycle, further enhancing user convenience.


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