Elite Screens Yard Master Electric Tension Series 100" Electric Motorized Outdoor Front/Rear Projection Screen, 16:9 | OMS100HT-ELECTRODUAL

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Elite Screens Yard Master Electric Tension Series OMS100HT-ELECTRODUAL is a 100" electric motorized outdoor front/rear projection screen designed for high-quality projection in outdoor settings. As an expert in audiovisual equipment, I'll provide a detailed description of this projection screen:

Motorized Electric Screen: The OMS100HT-ELECTRODUAL features a motorized electric mechanism that allows you to conveniently raise and lower the projection screen with a remote control. This motorized operation provides ease of use and eliminates the need for manual setup.

Outdoor Front/Rear Projection: The projection screen is designed for both front and rear projection, offering versatility in setup. Whether you want to project from the front of the screen or project from behind (rear projection), this screen can accommodate your preferred setup.

Tensioned Surface: The screen has a tensioned surface, which ensures that the projection material remains flat and wrinkle-free, providing a smooth and clear image projection. The tensioning also enhances the screen's durability and longevity.

Wide 16:9 Aspect Ratio: The screen has a 16:9 aspect ratio, making it perfect for displaying widescreen content, such as movies, videos, and presentations, in full high-definition resolution.

100" Diagonal Size: The screen offers a generous 100" diagonal size, providing a large and immersive viewing area for your outdoor movie nights, sports events, and other outdoor gatherings.

Outdoor Use: The Yard Master Electric Tension Series is designed for outdoor use, making it suitable for various outdoor settings, such as backyards, patios, and poolside areas. Its weather-resistant construction ensures reliable performance in different weather conditions.

Easy Installation: The projection screen comes with mounting hardware, allowing for easy and secure installation. The included remote control enables you to operate the screen effortlessly, providing a user-friendly experience.

High-Quality Projection Material: The screen uses high-quality projection material that ensures optimal image clarity, color accuracy, and contrast. This material is designed to enhance the viewing experience, even in outdoor environments.

Elite Screens Yard Master Electric Tension Series OMS100HT-ELECTRODUAL is an excellent choice for outdoor projection needs. With its motorized electric operation, front/rear projection capabilities, tensioned surface, wide aspect ratio, generous diagonal size, and weather-resistant design, this projection screen offers a premium outdoor viewing experience. Whether you're hosting outdoor movie nights, sports events, or business presentations, the OMS100HT-ELECTRODUAL provides a reliable and immersive projection solution for your outdoor entertainment and presentation needs.



Product Name 100 inch Diag Yard Master Electric Outdoor 16:9 Screen
Product Type Projection Screen
Screen Folding Mechanism Electric
Product Family Yard Master Electric
Screen Height 49"
Screen Width 87"
Screen Fabric MaxWhite
Diagonal Image Size 100"
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Environmentally Friendly Yes
Environmental Certification GREENGUARD
Front Projection Yes
Country of Origin China
Assembly Required No
Height 68"
Depth 3.9"
Product Model OMS100H-ELECTRIC
Mount Type Wall/Ceiling Mount
Product Line Yard Master Electric
Limited Warranty 2 Year
Screen Gain 1.1
Viewing Angle 180°

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