Chief ConnexSys Video Wall Landscape Mounting System with Rails, TAA Compliant, Black | LVS1U-G

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The Chief's ConnexSys Video Wall Mounting System is designed to address common challenges associated with video walls, offering solutions for speed, alignment, serviceability, and rigidity. With its innovative design, the ConnexSys system simplifies the installation and maintenance of video walls, making it an ideal choice for various applications.

Speed: The system streamlines the video wall installation process, allowing for quick and efficient setup. By using a strut channel to connect multiple mounts together, the installation becomes faster and more straightforward.

Alignment: One of the critical challenges in creating a video wall is ensuring precise alignment across all display screens. The ConnexSys system enables users to level each row of displays only once, thanks to its smart design, resulting in a perfectly aligned video wall.

Serviceability: The system is designed to make maintenance and servicing of the video wall easier. When individual displays require attention, the ConnexSys allows for straightforward access without disrupting the overall alignment and structure of the video wall.

Rigidity: Video walls often consist of multiple displays, and maintaining rigidity is crucial to ensure stability and prevent any undesired movement. The ConnexSys system provides excellent structural integrity, capable of handling the requirements of even the largest video walls.

The ConnexSys Video Wall Mounting System offers an efficient and reliable solution for setting up video walls, whether for commercial displays, digital signage, control rooms, or other applications. By addressing the common challenges associated with video walls, this mounting system provides users with a seamless and visually impressive display experience.


Certifications TAA Compliant, UL Listed, TÜV Certified
Color Black
Manual Height Adjustment ± 1"
Maximum Extension 13.4" (34.0 cm)
Minimum Depth 4"
Mounting Pattern Compatibility (Universal Versions) 200 x 100 - 700 x 400 mm
Number Of Monitors 1
Overall Dimensions (H x W x D) 20.9 x 35.5 x 4.0" (531 x 903 x 101 mm)
Shipping Weight 44 lbs (19.96 kg)
Solution Type Universal
Tilt + 4.0°, -2.5°
Typical Screen Sizes 42 - 80"
Weight Capacity 150 lbs (68 kg)
Orientation Landscape

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