Swimline Above Ground Swimming Pool Skimmer Widemouth | Gray | SW8939G

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The Champlain Plastics SW8939G Above Ground Swimming Pool Skimmer Widemouth is a pool skimmer designed for above-ground swimming pools.

Above-Ground Pool Compatibility: This skimmer is designed specifically for above-ground swimming pools. It typically attaches to the pool wall, usually near the top, and serves as an entry point for water into the pool's filtration system.

Widemouth Design: The "Widemouth" designation often means that the skimmer has a larger opening or mouth compared to standard skimmers. This can make it more effective at capturing leaves, debris, and surface contaminants.

Color: The SW8939G skimmer is typically gray in color, which is a common color for above-ground pool equipment.

Function: The primary function of this skimmer is to collect debris from the pool's surface before it sinks to the bottom. This helps keep the pool water clean, clear, and free from floating debris.

Installation: The skimmer is usually installed through the pool wall and connected to the pool's filtration system. It may include a basket or strainer to trap debris before it enters the pool's pump and filter.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance of the skimmer involves cleaning the debris basket or strainer to ensure optimal skimming performance. You should also inspect it periodically for any damage or wear.

Safety and Aesthetics: Keeping the pool's surface free from debris not only enhances the pool's aesthetics but also ensures safety by preventing slips and falls caused by floating debris.

The Champlain Plastics SW8939G Above Ground Swimming Pool Skimmer Widemouth is an essential component for above-ground pools, helping to maintain water quality by removing debris and contaminants from the pool's surface. Proper installation and maintenance of the skimmer are important for keeping your pool clean and safe for swimming.



Product Depth (in.) 14.2 Product Height (in.) 8.3 in
Product Width (in.) 13.8 in


Features Easy Access to Debris Chamber Material Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
Outdoor Living Product Type Pool Skimmer Kit Pool Cleaning Tool Type Pool Skimmers
Pool Skimmer Type Wall Skimmer Pool Type Above Ground
Product Weight (lb.) 6 Returnable 90-Day

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