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The Cantek HR400PB Horizontal Band Resaw stands as a formidable solution for heavy-duty resawing tasks, boasting a design that combines durability with precision. This machine is specifically engineered to tackle large timbers, providing exact cuts that meet the demands of even the most challenging projects.

Powered by a robust 30HP variable speed saw motor, the HR400PB offers unparalleled power and flexibility, allowing it to easily process a wide variety of wood types and sizes. This is complemented by a variable speed hydraulic feed system, enabling operators to fine-tune the machine's performance to perfectly match the specific requirements of each job, optimizing both efficiency and cut quality.

With a generous cutting capacity of up to 15 ¾ inches wide and up to 9.8 inches thick, the HR400PB can handle an impressive range of timber sizes. This capability makes it an invaluable asset in operations where versatility and the ability to process large-scale materials are critical.

The saw assembly's electronic adjustment, controlled via a digital input controller, ensures precise thickness settings for each cut. This feature allows for rapid adjustments and consistent repeatability across operations, significantly reducing setup time and enhancing overall productivity.

All controls are strategically located next to the infeed conveyor, making them easily accessible to the operator. This thoughtful design not only enhances convenience but also improves workflow efficiency, as it allows for quick adjustments and minimal downtime.

The Cantek HR400PB Horizontal Band Resaw is an ideal choice for woodworking operations requiring a heavy-duty, versatile, and precise resawing solution. Its robust construction, powerful performance, and user-friendly features ensure it can meet the demands of high-volume, precision-oriented woodworking environments.

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