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The Cantek HR300PBX Tilting Bed Horizontal Band Resaw is a high-capacity machine engineered to meet the rigorous demands of demanding resawing applications in industrial settings. This machine distinguishes itself with a tiltable bed feature, which can be adjusted from 0 to 45 degrees, making it exceptionally suitable for producing bevel siding, moulding blanks, or various millwork components with precision and ease.

Designed to accommodate up to 12” x 12” timber, the HR300PBX boasts the ability to cut materials up to 10” thick, providing flexibility for a wide range of projects. At the heart of this machine is a powerful 30HP saw motor, equipped with variable feed control. This allows operators to fine-tune the cutting speed to perfectly align with the specific blade and application requirements, ensuring efficient and optimal cutting performance across diverse tasks.

The HR300PBX utilizes a 2” wide blade, which is supported by solid steel band wheels. These wheels are precision machined and balanced, contributing to the machine's smooth cutting action and enhancing the quality of the resawed materials. Additionally, the precision sandwich style blade guides play a crucial role in maintaining the blade's true running, which is critical for achieving optimum cutting results and maintaining the integrity of the cut.

Thickness adjustments on the HR300PBX are made simple and accurate through the use of a precision motorized digital thickness control. This feature allows for quick, easy adjustments, ensuring that each cut is consistent with the desired specifications, enhancing productivity, and reducing the potential for error.

The Cantek HR300PBX Tilting Bed Horizontal Band Resaw is an invaluable tool for woodworking operations that require a robust, versatile, and precise resawing solution. Its advanced features and industrial build quality make it well-suited to handle a variety of resawing tasks with efficiency and precision, making it a standout choice for professionals in the woodworking industry.

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