Cantek 32" HD Planer 3 Phase - P815HV

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The Cantek P815HV 32-inch Planer represents the pinnacle of planing technology, designed to cater to the needs of serious woodworking professionals. At its core, the planer boasts a solid steel helical cutterhead equipped with two-sided carbide knife inserts that streamline the blade changing process by eliminating the need for adjustments. This feature is complemented by an advanced digital readout and a straightforward PC controller, making table height adjustments both swift and precise.

Constructed with a heavy-duty cast iron frame, the P815HV significantly reduces vibration, which not only enhances the lifespan of the bearings but also ensures superior quality in every cut. This planer incorporates a segmented, serrated infeed roll and a segmented pressure shoe, which together provide unparalleled material stability throughout the feeding and planing operations, thereby improving efficiency and results.

A notable feature of the P815HV is its quick-set micro-adjustable lever, designed to adjust the table rollers with ease, facilitating the planing of even the most challenging woods. The planer utilizes industry-standard 30×12×1.5mm carbide insert knives, which are easily positioned and secured without the need for specialized tools, thanks to a simple two-pin system and a gib and screw mechanism. The slight bevel on the corners of the knives ensures a flawless finish, eliminating any transitions between knives.

Furthermore, the vertical orientation of the knives within the cutterhead is engineered to produce an optimal cutting angle and channel, significantly enhancing both the depth of cut and the overall finish quality. With its robust design, cutting-edge features, and attention to detail, the Cantek P815HV Planer is an essential tool for any workshop prioritizing precision, durability, and minimal maintenance in their woodworking processes.

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