Cantek 26" HD Planer 3 Phase - CM626

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The Cantek CM626 26-inch Planer is specifically engineered for high-volume production environments, boasting a combination of powerful performance features and advanced technological design. This production planer is powered by a robust 20HP motor, ensuring efficient and optimal material removal across full-width boards, even with the most challenging stock.

At the heart of the CM626 lies its spiral insert knife cutterhead, outfitted with two-sided replaceable knives that guarantee a superior, smooth finish with the ability to achieve maximum cutting depth. This feature is particularly beneficial for planing materials that are traditionally difficult to feed, as it comes equipped with both upper and lower driven feed rollers to maintain consistent and reliable material throughput.

One of the standout features of the CM626 is its infinitely variable feed rates, which provide the operator with complete control over the planing process. This allows for the adjustment of feed speed to match the specific requirements of the material being processed, ensuring optimal efficiency and finish quality.

Furthermore, the planer features motorized table movement, controlled via a convenient digital interface. This allows operators to precisely set and achieve the desired thickness with ease, ensuring accurate and consistent results across all projects. The Cantek CM626 Planer is an essential tool for any woodworking operation that demands high horsepower, adjustable feed rates, and precise control for achieving the best possible finish on a wide range of materials.

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