Cantek 24" Double Surface Planer - GT610HI

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The Cantek GT610HI Cardan Shaft Drive Double Surface Planer is a high-speed, high-performance machine, designed to cater to the needs of industrial woodworking with speeds reaching up to 98 feet per minute. Its construction features a robust cast-iron body and an industrial-strength Cardan drive system, ensuring reliable, high-volume planing operations day after day.

This planer is equipped with large diameter, spiral-type cutterheads that are outfitted with two-sided solid carbide inserts. These inserts are crucial for achieving a clean, smooth finish on the wood, while also providing superior stock removal capabilities. This design ensures that materials are processed efficiently and with the highest quality finish, suitable for a wide range of woodworking projects.

An integral part of the GT610HI's design is its advanced feed system. The system includes a spring-loaded mechanism that guides the material over the bottom head, effectively acting as a jointer to flatten the board before it undergoes further processing. Following this initial flattening, a sectional infeed roller then propels the material through the top head, where it is dimensioned to precise thicknesses. This two-stage process not only enhances the planer's efficiency but also ensures that each piece of material is processed to exact specifications, resulting in uniformly dimensioned and flawlessly finished wood products.

The Cantek GT610HI is the ideal solution for woodworking facilities requiring high-speed, precise planing capabilities. Its robust construction, advanced cutterhead technology, and efficient feed system make it a standout choice for professionals seeking to optimize their production workflow and achieve superior results in their planing operations.

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