Canaweld Stud Welder CAD 81

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The Canaweld CAD 81 stud welding system offers a full 5/16-inch (M8) welding capacity and is the most compact system on the market. The CAD 81 is microprocessor controlled and has an improved charging circuit with a high output transformer that maximizes its duty cycle. The system includes enhanced user feedback including safety and fault codes. The CAD 81 is sold as a complete welding system including gun, two ground cables, collets, changing tools and carrying case.


  • Capacitor Discharge Stud Welding.
  • Weld Range: US Stud Size #4 – 5/16”, Metric Stud Size (M3-M8), Stud diameter 0.112″ – 0.312″
  • To Accommodate fasteners up to 3″ Long
  • Input Power 1~115/230, 50/60Hz (internally switchable)
  • 81,000uf Capacitance
  • Portable, only weigh 25 lbs.
  • microprocessor controlled
  • Ergonomic design
  • Heavy Duty cable set
  • Dual Ground cable
  • Fully adjustable leg set
  • Enhanced duty cycle
  • Diagnostic LEDs


Technical Data CAD 81
 Weld Range  M3-M8 diameter fasteners
 Welding Process  Capacitor Discharge, contact or gap
 Capacitance  81,000uf
 Charging Voltage  50-195VDC step less voltage regulation
 Mains Voltage  1~115/230, 50/60Hz (internally switchable)
 Transformer  Type F, thermally protected
 Cooling  Fan
 IP-code  IP 21
 Weight and Dimensions  25lbs. 12” X 5” x 12”
 Color  Powder coated, Phosphorus Yellow

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