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The Plasma CUT 45 D is a powerful and portable Plasma cutting machine. This unit can clean cut 5/8-inch (15mm) thick steel and it can sever cut up to 0.8-inch (20mm) thick steel. It’s powerful, lightweight design and dual voltage capability make it perfect for use with a generator or in the shop. A must-have for welders who demand quick cuts with precision.


  • 45A of cutting power.
  • High Duty cycle: 100% @ 30A, 60% @35A.
  • Tested in (104°F/40°C), designed for the toughest conditions.
  • High-quality and durable Plasma torch included. Common easy to replace consumables available all over North America.
  • Ability to cut expanded metals and uneven surfaces.
  • Pilot arc (no HF) improves cutting on dirty and/or rusted metals.
  • Automatic shut-off if air pressure is too low or disconnected (extends consumable life).
  • All re-strike for quick cutting of material with gaps.
  • Internal pressure switch to maintain the machine within safe low- & high-pressure parameters.
  • Internal pressure regulator with built in dirt and moisture separator/filter.
  • Comprehensive 3 Year Warranty.


Input Voltage, Single Phase, 50/60 Hz 208 to 240 V(±10%) 105 to 120 V(±10%)
Primary Current@Max Welding Current 23 A 29 A
Maximum Primary Effective Current (I1 eff max) 13 A 29 A
Ignition No HF
Maximum Cutting Current 45 A 30 A
Duty Cycle @ Maximum Cutting Current in 104° F (40° C) 30% (45 A) 100% (30 A)
Cutting Current @ 100% Duty Cycle in 104° F (40° C) 30 A 30 A
Cutting Current @ 60% Duty Cycle in 104° F (40° C) 35 A  
Open Circuit Voltage : Volt 290 V
Severance Cutting Thickness of Solid Steel : inch (mm) 0.8 in (20 mm) 5/8 in (16 mm)
Maximum Clean Cutting Thickness of Solid Steel : inch (mm) 5/8 in (16 mm) 1/2 in (12 mm)
Note: Cutting Thickness Capacity of Aluminum is 30% less    
Gas Air/N2
Gas Flow 320 scfh (150 lpm)
Gas Pressure 65-75 psi (4.4-5.0 bar)
Weight : lb. (Kg) 27 lb. (12.5 Kg)
Dimensions Including Handle (D, W, H) : inch (mm) 19 x 7 x 13.5 inch (485 x 180 x 345 mm)

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