1100lbs Capacity 10HP 301cc Gas Engine Tracked Dumper Hydraulic Tipping and Lifting with Front Shovel

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Mini Crawler dumper  is powered by 10hp gasoline engine. Hydraulic tipping bucket is fully mechanized by the hydraulic ram, it can be lifted up and down by hydraulic system. Maximum loading capacity is 1100 lbs.

Tracks provide excellent traction and stability, making the dumper suitable for use on rough and uneven terrain, including construction sites, farms, and forestry operations.Operators simply activate the hydraulic system to easily and safely dump material from the dump truck container. This feature is useful for efficiently unloading materials such as dirt, gravel, sand or debris.The front shovel can perform digging, shoveling and lifting operations. It is particularly useful for tasks such as digging trenches, moving loose materials, or smoothing surfaces.

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